Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Our Mission, aims and values

Our Mission

For people to fulfil their potential and contribute to their communities.

Our Aims

  • Building Sustainable Communities by Improving Community Cohesion, Reducing Poverty, and Reducing Loneliness and Isolation.
  • Improving health and Wellbeing
  • Improving Skills and Learning

Our Values

  • We challenge discrimination and inequality
  • We all need to be involved in protecting our environment for future generations
  • We celebrate diversity
  • We all have the right to reach our full potential
  • We all have the right, and the responsibility, to be fully involved in society and decisions that affect us
  • We all learn and develop through our life experience
  • We all have the right to feel included and valued
  • We work in partnerships based on trust and respect
  • We support long term relationships with communities