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The Limes was established in 1996 by Alzheimer's Society.  It was an idea brought about by two carers who both had partners with Young Onset Dementia.  They realised there was no provision for people with young onset dementia so they wanted to facilitate a Day Support Service.  Margaret Slucutt, Vice Chair of Trustees for Southern Brooks Community Partnerships, was in fact one of the people who helped the whole project get off the ground.

The Limes Day Support Service aims to provide person-centred support to clients, who are people under the age of 70 with a diagnosis of dementia. Our belief is that each individual with a diagnosis has the right to live the life they want to lead. Our passion is to support our clients to reach their full potential, so they feel respected, are treated with dignity and feel safe and cared for in an environment which has a Social Club atmosphere, and above all to feel part of the community of the Limes.

Service Users attend on their nominated day(s). The Limes is open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4pm. We offer this extended day because people with young onset dementia have different wants and wishes, it is possible that at the point of diagnosis they may be working, still have financial commitments such as a mortgage to pay and children at home. Having an extended day means that family members can continue working if they need to, safe in the knowledge that their partner/father/mother/friend is well cared for.

To attend the Limes the individual has to have a Consultant's diagnosis of dementia, have funding available (either privately or through their Local Authority), be independently mobile (although they can use mobility aids) and be able to feel comfortable in a group setting.  We have clients from South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath & North East Somerset.


If you would like more information or if you know of someone who might be interested in our service please contact us at:

01179 613 651


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