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Families new to Patchway

Families new to Patchway and Charlton Hayes

If you're new to living in Patchway and have a child under 3 years old you might like to meet other families like you and take part in a series of weekly activities.

Moving to a new area can feel isolating in itself, let alone having a young child to look after as well.

The group is led by Steph, Ursula and Dayana who all understand this feeling and have experienced similar themselves.

They are running weekly sessions with lots of playtime for you and your children, including time to catch up with the group leaders and talk to other parents.

The play sessions are on Tuesday mornings 10:30am - 12:30am. They will be held in different places around Patchway. We can talk through how to get to different places and meet you beforehand.

The first time you come, one of the team will have called you beforehand for a chat and have arranged to meet you when you arrive.

A typical session looks like:

  1. Arrive at Coniston Community Centre.
  2. Chat with group leaders
  3. Sing a few warm up welcome songs
  4. Group play activities for you to play with your children. For example bubble blowing, craft collage, nature walk.
  5. Break for a drink and snack. Chat to other parents and guardians
  6. Group puppet storytime
  7. Goodbye song
Steph Cormack

This is Steph Cormack who runs the project.

Call or text her on 07907 894 763 to have a chat about the project.

Usual working days are Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

To see if you're eligable to take part in these sessions you should:

Have moved to the Patchway and Charlton Hayes area roughly less than 18 months ago.

Have a child aged between 1 - 3 years old.

Not be actively engaged with other family services. This means you don't regularly speak with a family support or social worker.

Feel that this would be a helpful opportunity to connect with other people in the community.

If you think you meet this criteria please get in touch with Steph. Either by calling 07907 894 763 or filling in the form opposite.

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