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A Memory Café opens in Soundwell

A new Retreat Memory Café is opening its doors for anyone needing support with memory issues. Join our launch event on Monday 11 September from 10.15am-12.15 at Stephen’s Church Hall. See how the memory café can support you, your family and carers with information and activities. Anyone who has memory issues, including dementia, whether diagnosed or not, can join the memory café. It’s at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Church Road, Soundwell, BS16 4RH. The Retreat Memory Café is free and will open on the second-Monday of each month from 10.15am to 12.15pm.

We have recruited a great team of local volunteers. The volunteers will create a safe space for socialising, friendship and support, meeting others in similar situations while offering fun activities for everyone to try. They’ll also invite health workers and other guests, so the memory café can offer professional support.

Winsome Barrett-Muir, SGDAA project coordinator at Southern Brooks, says “Our memory cafes and information sessions supports the whole family. I encourage businesses, services and community groups across South Gloucestershire to sign up as Dementia Action Alliance members and commit to at least one action to become dementia friendly. This may include signposting people to their local memory café if they have concerns about memory loss and dementia”.

Everyone’s welcome. Join our Retreat Memory Café launch from 10.15am to 12.15pm on Monday 11 September at St Stephens Church Hall, Soundwell, BS16 4RH.

Contact: dementia@southernbrooks.org.uk or telephone: 01454 868 570 – for more information.

Southern Brooks Community Partnerships leads the ‘South Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance’ (SGDAA), which aims to create dementia friendly communities in the area. It’s an alliance because it recruits local businesses, services and community groups as SGDAA members. Members can find information, resources and information to help them become dementia friendly and accessible.  The activities may include dementia awareness in schools or helping a church to check its building is fully useable for those with dementia.