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Parenting Guides and Resources

We have gathered a range of free parenting guides and resources to help you with the development of your child or teenager and to deal with a range of specific issues which you may face.

If you need further help with parenting or your family then Southern Brooks offers a range of parenting courses including Parenting a child with ADHD and one-to-one support for families.

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Positive Parenting Guide

Provided by NSPCC

This positive parenting guide covers understanding your child’s needs, boundaries, rewards, discipline and building positive relationships. It covers all ages including babies, toddlers and teenagers.

Top Tips for Parenting Teenagers

This parenting teenager guide provides a range of useful tips and covers communication, conflict, rules and boundaries and risk behaviour. A list of useful contacts is included for those based in Northern Ireland.

How to support your child’s well-being

Provided by The Children’s Society

This guide has been produced by children themselves, it’s based on interviews with children to identify what makes them happy in life.

Top Tips for Single Parents

Provided by Care for the Family

This guide for single parents contains over 80 tips to make life easier. It covers self-esteem, parenting, money, debt, nutrition and legal help.

A Parent’s Little Guide to Helping Children Read

Produced by Springboard for Children

This small guide provides 10 ways to help your child with reading.

Information for Parents – Behaviour

Produced by Early Support

This booklet provides guidance on child behaviour and how to help your child with specific problems such as sleeping, biting and tantrums.

Parenting Top Tips

Produced by Family Links

This short guide provides a range of parenting tips with cartoon illustration examples. It covers rewards, listening, giving and feelings.

Autism: A Guide for Parents and Carers Following Diagnosis

This detailed guide has been produced by parents and covers children that have an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). It will help you understand what autism is and how you can help your child.

Settling Young Children into Pre-School Settings

Produced by Early Years

This short guide provides a range of useful tips to help your child settle into an early years setting.