Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Southern Brooks Joins Forces with The Limes

From February first, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships will be managing The Limes, a day support service for younger people with dementia in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath, North East Somerset, and surrounding areas. The day support service is available to people who have received a diagnosis of dementia. It focuses on the needs and interests of younger people with dementia who like to remain active and is designed to provide users with a home away from home. Participants are also given a chance to socialise with other people with dementia in their community.  

Carers benefit from involvement with The Limes too as they get some time for themselves and can be confident that the person using the service is getting the support they need. Not only support, but also the opportunity to peruse personal hobbies, interests and where it is agreed the service will also provide a level of personal care.  

As a first step, The Limes team will work with you and those who care for you, to understand your lifestyle choices, support networks and personal care needs. Long days are available, from 8 am to 6 pm, but times are flexible to suit you. This service can be accessed by various funding sources including personal budget holders, self-funders and direct payments. 

Southern Brooks Community Partnerships is committed to putting service users at the centre of everything The Limes does. If you would like an informal chat or to visit, please contact The Limes: 

Office Address 

The Limes
Kingswood Foundation Estate
Britannia Road
Kingswood, Bristol
BS15 8DB 

T 0117 9613651
E jo.oneill@alzheimers.org.uk