Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Volunteer Centre Patchway, Filton and the Stokes

Volunteer Centre Yate Filton and the Stokes

For information contact us on volunteering@southernbrooks.org.uk.


You can telephone us to ask about local volunteering roles.

Usually the team will have a chat with you to find out:

  • your interests
  • what you've done in the past
  • what you're doing at the moment
  • what you'd like to do or have a go at

You might not have had experience of volunteering before. The team will talk to you about what volunteering means and what you might expect.

Different volunteering roles have different expectations. For example some roles like a weekly commitment and other roles ask for particular skills or qualities which are important to doing the role safely. These requirements are usually explained in a short description about the volunteering role. If you need more details about the role, we can help find out extra information from the organisation.

Local places to volunteer:

Memory Cafe - group support and activities for people with dementia

Patchway Youth Centre - youth work assistants

Friends of Southern Brooks -  fundraising to support local community projects

Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group - planting, clearing and surveying

Food Bank - sorting and storing


You can have help with recruiting the right volunteers for your role.

We can help with:

  • creating volunteer roles
  • advice on volunteering policies and processes
  • connecting organisations together
  • sharing best practice and good ideas

You're welcome to email, call or arrange a meeting with us.