Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Enhanced Support

One You South Gloucestershire

You might not feel ready to join a group session. We can still help. We are working with a specialist health coach from Oasis-Talk who can help you feel ready to become involved.

Enhanced support provides one-to-one support to look at your strengths and barriers that are affecting your wellbeing.  This understanding informs the creation of a wellbeing plan based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (research shows that making changes in these 5 areas of our lives can improve our wellbeing).

Enhanced support could include the following:

  • Tailoring the 5 ways to wellbeing to your needs.  Understanding your needs can help to identify small changes that you could make to lead to improving your wellbeing. One-to-one support can look in more detail at specific barriers and how to overcome them.  
  • Empowering you to make small changes which should improve your wellbeing.
  • Signposting to organisations that may benefit you to maintain your improved wellbeingThis may include looking at new groups or existing connections.  
  • Help with problem-solving and reconnecting with your local community.

Using a coaching approach in this role guides you to find and engage with your solutions to problems.

Our enhanced support worker has: 

  • an understanding of how to help people make changes in their life to improve their wellbeing.
  • an understanding of how to help people understand habits that are not beneficial to their wellbeing.
  • help people build healthy habits that last.
  • help people to change their thinking around their behaviours.
  • Help people to have insight into their own behaviours and what drives their behaviours.
  • Support provided is based on research evidence.
  • To help people develop systems that over time will lead to them making healthier choices.

This service does not provide:

  • Support with completing forms or helping with accessing welfare benefits.
  • Counselling, bereavement support and/or support for addressing significant trauma.
  • Mental Health, Emotional Intensity (Personality disordered conduct) or Behaviourally challenging (Aspergers / Autism / ADHD) Therapy.
  • Crisis Support while waiting to access another service.
  • A service to hold someone while they are waiting to access another service – e.g. Talking Therapies, VitaMinds, Counselling, CBT, Therapy
  • A Befriending service.
  • A Social Worker - who would be involved where the presenting issues could lead to safeguarding concerns - hoarding behaviours/self neglect/exploitation/being exploited – making unwise decisions placing an individual in danger.