Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Relax Your Mind, Relax Your Body Course

Relax Your Mind
One You South Gloucestershire

Have you ever been told to “Just relax”? It’s not as easy as it sounds! For most adults, relaxation is a skill that we need to re-learn.

This 6-week course will show you practical ways of reducing muscle tension and relieving the physical symptoms of stress: We will also explore the connection between the mind and body, and you will learn how to let go of stressful thinking and develop a calmer state of mind.

This session is run by Oasis Talk on behalf of Southern Brooks Community Partnerships and South Gloucestershire Council.

One You South Gloucestershire is for all adults over the age of 18 who are South Gloucestershire residents or registered with a GP practice in South Gloucestershire.

To find out about other courses please see our One You South Gloucestershire Eventbrite page.

For more information about healthy lifestyles and wellbeing in South Gloucestershire please visit oneyou.southglos.gov.uk