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Volunteering for Wellbeing

One You South Gloucestershire

You may want to continue your wellbeing journey through volunteering.

There is a range of opportunities across Southern Brooks.  Volunteering roles can be at a level you are confident with, for example, you can help a wellbeing coach to run a workshop or support an individual to get to a peer support group. As a volunteer, you will be offered training to help you in the role you choose to undertake.

Volunteer Scotland undertook a literature review during 2018, focused on the health and wellbeing impacts for volunteers. The strongest evidence related to the contribution of volunteering to enhanced mental health, including reducing depression, reduced anxiety and stress and other more serious mental health conditions.

Volunteering can improve your wellbeing by:

  • Increasing your life satisfaction by giving your time and skills to an organisation that shares your own values and purpose.
  • Increasing social contact and team working with other volunteers and coaches.
  • Providing you with a routine throughout the week and giving a sense of self-purpose.
  • Improving confidence by building and enhancing your skills.


Volunteering for Wellbeing

Volunteer Centres

In South Gloucestershire, there are volunteer centres that can help you get started with volunteering for local organisations and charities.

Volunteer Centre Thornbury

Their website provides a range of volunteering opportunities and you can register with them to keep updated about local opportunities.

Website: https://www.volunteer-thornbury.co.uk
Tel: 01454 413392

Volunteer Centre - Patchway, Filton and Stokes

The Volunteer Centre PFS provides a range of local opportunities on their website.

There is a weekly drop-in session every Tuesday at the Volunteer Centre in Patchway Hub 10am - 12pm, next to the library offering detailed volunteering conversations, providing support to complete application forms and browse opportunities.

Website: https://volunteercentre-pfs.org.uk
Tel: 01454 868986
Email: info@volunteercentre-pfs.org.uk

Volunteer Centre - Kingswood

The Volunteer Centre Kingswood provides a huge range of opportunities on their website.

Zaya is the volunteer centre coordinator and is happy to talk through your needs and options. Call her on 07969 189 485 Tuesday- Thursday.

Website: https://volunteerkingswood.org.uk
Tel: 07969 189 485

Volunteer Centre - Yate

Call or email Steph at: volunteeringyate@southernbrooks.org.uk

Voscur Volunteering Opportunities

Voscur provides a list of volunteer roles with organisations in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Website: https://www.voscur.org/volunteers