Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Filton Legacy


Filton Community Plan

Filton was an area identified as a “priority neighbourhood”, this is no longer the case. During that time Southern Brooks and several partners worked together regularly to address many issues and barriers that some people faced around; jobs, skills, crime, health, and income. Our continuing vision is that by working together we can make sure Filton is a great place for everyone to live.

In November 2017 Filton Town Council agreed to set up a steering group with Southern Brooks Community Partnerships to undertake a community plan for the area. The overall purpose of the plan was to:

  • Help shape the future of Filton
  • Support community groups, voluntary sector organisations, residents and public-sector organisations to work better together for the benefit of Filton
  • Influence and inform the priorities of the town council and other partners
  • To increase resident involvement
  • To increase the likelihood of securing investment for Filton

An essential part of the process towards producing a Community Plan was to engage with Filton residents to understand their needs and priorities. Publicity was designed to spread awareness of the plan locally and links were made with people in all the key organisations who needed to be involved.

A short mini-survey was designed to gather information from residents and community groups. This was made available both online and as a paper version

Based on the outcomes and themes from the mini survey, a wider and more extensive survey was produced, again both online and paper. Southern Brooks staff and volunteers visited local groups and venues to encourage and enable people to respond to the survey.

Over 216 Filton people completed the survey and gave their views (thank you) with a total to date of 236 consultations on how people feel about living in Filton and on a whole range of topics including parks, sport, green spaces, traffic & transport, health, housing, education, jobs, families, young people, crime and safety, and community activities. They were also asked for their creative ideas about what activity they would do in Filton if they had £100,000 and 3 people to help them!

Here are a few of the statistics based on the answers Filton residents gave:

of respondents felt Filton had not improved or had gotten worse over the last 3 years.
said they felt part of the community.
of people feel there are not enough activities for young people.
of Filton Families feel well supported.
of residents feel quite safe living in Filton.
of residents said they wanted to see more wildlife haven green spaces