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Health Champions stand

Who are Health Champions?

Health Champions are people like you. They are interested in different aspects of health, and want to lead healthier, happier lives, and to help others to do the same.

We all want people to lead healthier, happier lives, so Health Champions learn how to signpost others to these opportunities.

The Health Champions programme, networks others to plan and carry out health awareness campaigns around South Gloucestershire communities. They receive some simple training in how to have constructive conversations with people and basic knowledge about local health services. If able, Health Champions promote health opportunities at local events, amongst friends and family and across the wider community.

After a period of volunteering we say thank you by offering a free level 2 qualification in ‘Understanding Health Improvement’ with the Royal Society of Public Health, which deepens the Health Champion's understanding around the causes of health inequality and behaviour change.

What will I get from being involved?

    • meet people that share a similar interest
    • give something back to your local community
    • perhaps return the support you once received from Southern Brooks
    • share a similar experience
    • have better health and well-being
    • develop new skills
    • gain more self-confidence
    • gain relevant experience to return to work or to progress your career
    • do something meaningful with your spare time

Find out more

Email healthchampions@southernbrooks.org.uk or call your Health Champion co-ordinator for a chat about what's involved, on:
01454 868570

Health Champions talk about their experiences