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Afghan Families Project

Last August 2021, South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) invited Southern Brooks to commit to supporting Afghan families who had been working with the UK military in Afghanistan, and that the Government had relocated to the UK. We accepted the invitation and since then, supported by LA and Government funding, Southern Brooks staff have worked swiftly and collaboratively with SGC colleagues and a team of trusted volunteers, to make this happen in what is a rapidly evolving and changing landscape.

Our caseworkers helped the families understand their new lives, including local orientation, understanding local shops, community centres and using public transport.

Support was given to find work via the usual routes available to everyone, learn English, and generally integrate into their community. Language support is provided as most of the families have limited English.

The women feel particularly vulnerable and isolated from family and friends they have left behind, so the caseworkers work closely with them to identify appropriate provision to help them to build connections in their local communities.