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Since 1988, Southern Brooks has been working to bring communities together, engaging with people to help them reach their full potential. We've achieved this through active partnership, working to create changes that lead to stronger families, healthier communities, increased independence and people having greater say in the decisions that affect them. We've always worked with the needs of the community and developed a Theory of change to better understand how our work changes lives.

Southern Brooks has been on its own long journey of growth and change, starting life as a tiny team in the back office of Patchway Library, through small offices in community centres and schools, to the Southern Brooks you see today - with hubs in Patchway, Yate and Kingswood, and a team of over 50 staff working across the whole of South Gloucestershire and over the border into Bristol.

Throughout the last 30 plus years, we have been heavily involved in delivering all sorts of projects, including youth work, family support, anti-hate crime, breaking down barriers to employment, education and volunteering, helping EU nationals to apply for settled status following Brexit, and even ran two successful cafes! You can read more about our past projects here.

As is the nature with community-based charities, we have adapted our delivery to respond to the needs of the communities we serve, as well as in line with national funding streams. The Southern Brooks you see today is a far cry from where we started, but we are excited to be continuing on this journey, evolving with these changing times and needs of the people.

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