Southern Brooks Community Partnerships

Older People's Community Development Project

This three-year project aims to build on the strengths of citizens who are over 50 in community led actions and tackling social isolation and loneliness.  The project is funded by St. Monica Trust and helps older people form treasured relationships and make the most of their lives. 

Find out more about St. Monica Trust HERE.

If you are over 50 living in South Glos, I am here to support you!

If you would like to find connections with like-minded people in your neighbourhood or if you were previously involved in a community group and would like a help reforming your group with a bit of encouragement then please contact your Community Worker, Sato Black on 07971 670880 / satoblack@southernbrooks.org.uk. 

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Read stories from older people who've made connections

Everyone has a story to tell and your stories that matter to you will resonate, inspire others and bring people together.  

Stories help us share our sense of individual identity, our understanding and sense of belonging in a place where you live.   

So why not share your story?