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Our team

Senior Leadership


Alison Findlay: CEO

Tel: 07971 671051 alisonfindlay@southernbrooks.org.uk

Alison is passionate about equality and social justice.  She is a highly regarded leader and manager with a long history of working in the public and voluntary sectors in South Gloucestershire, Bristol and across Southern England. 

She is highly principled with strong values and brings a unique combination of empathy and management skills to build teams and achieve outcomes.


Rebecca Ecob: Head of Internal Operations


Rebecca believes in giving people opportunities to be the best they can be.  She has worked in the private and voluntary sector in roles across HR and volunteered with charities who support families and young people having a tough time. 

As an HR practitioner, Rebecca works collaboratively to assist teams in achieving organisational goals. 

Jenny photo

Jenny Vernon - Head of Business Development

Tel: 07989 370715 jennyvernon@southernbrooks.org.uk

Jenny is passionate about diversity and inclusion, social and environmental justice. She has spent nearly 40 years inspiring communities to come together to make their communities a place they are proud to live. 

A lifelong communicator, Jenny is a natural networker and loves it when she can use her skills to bring communities, projects and funding together to make a real difference. 

Laura T

Laura Thacker - Head of Health and Wellbeing


Laura has experience of working in both health and voluntary sectors with a particular interest in the value of non-medical approaches on people’s health and wellbeing. She is an advocate for strengths-based working with individuals and communities and harnesses this approach when developing health and wellbeing projects.

Kate G

Kate Golding - Head of Finance


Kate’s core premise is that robust finance information systems are core to managing a charity and are essential as a basis for strategic planning.  She qualified as a Chartered Accountant, later specialising in charities. She has been Treasurer of several charities and has worked in the sector for 10 years now.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing Team



Business Support

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Community Cohesion


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