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Thank you Patchway Town Council

This month Patchway Town Council approved funding Southern Brooks Community Partnerhips, helping us make Patchway a great place to live.

Patchway Town Council are keeping our Patchway Youth Centre open, our Green Spaces beautiful while empowering local people to take charge of their lives and community.

For instance, our Patchway Youth Centre has around forty-young people in each session. They benefit from positive activities ranging from sports, arts and cooking. We can also identify and support their housing, school, family, relationship and valium mental health issues. And we can be the eyes and ears for any hate crime and anti-social behaviour incidences. We have eight-young volunteers supporting our younger youth members, as well as nine-adult volunteers supporting our Youth Centre. If our volunteers study our practical and accredited Youth Work courses their volunteering will help kick start their rewarding career in youth work.

We also empower local people to create beautiful and useful outdoor spaces across Patchway. They take pride and ownership in learning how to grow edible flowers, fruit and vegetables. So far, we’ve created community gardens, a community allotment, a pocket park and a map identifying green spaces for walking, jogging, foraging and relaxing. We’re thrilled we work with Patchway Town Council and local people to make Patchway a great place to live. Our Grow Your Own courses also support local people to get involved, as well as becoming self-sufficient in growing their own healthy food.

We also empower people in Patchway with our community development work. This means we work with local people, community groups and other organisations to make life better. For example, we’re currently asking local people what’s needed in Patchway and what the priorities should be. We’ll use this information to work with Patchway Town Council for creating a community plan for Patchway, which will help set budgets. We also help people back into employment, learning and work with local employers, so local people have more employment, learning and volunteering opportunities.

Our funding from Patchway Town Council means we can build a sustainable community where everyone thrives and achieve their full potential. We can continue offering a welcoming community space at Coniston Community Centre and attract extra funding because of Patchway Town Council’s contribution. This means we can grow our services to support more people who may struggle with their mental health, with getting work, have family issues or suffer loneliness and isolation and so on.

David Bell, Southern Brooks Chairman, said “Southern Brooks would like to thank everyone at Patchway Town Council for approving our funding, so we can keep working together to add extra capacity to make Patchway a great place to live and work for everybody”.