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Southern Brooks Annual Celebration Success 2017

On 22 November 2017, Southern Brooks hosted its annual celebration at Abbeywood Community School. It was a red-carpet affair, which celebrated launching an anti-bullying film and song by Anti-Hate Crime Ambassadors.

Local people, communities, families and organisations across South Gloucestershire celebrated working together for achieving fair, equal and thriving communities, thanks to Southern Brooks Community Partnerships. Southern Brooks held its Annual Celebration event at Abbeywood Community School in Filton, a fantastic venue with great learning facilities, On Wednesday 22 November from 4-6pm. It was a red-carpet affair, which celebrated launching an anti-bullying film and song by our Anti-Hate Crime Ambassador students at Patchway College and Abbeywood Community School. The charity’s friends and partners filled the venue by chatting, catching-up, networking and hosting stalls. This year Southern Brooks gave young people the stage for showcasing their Anti-Hate Crime Ambassador work, a programme which Southern Brooks facilitates with Home Office funding.

Patchway Community College performed a song about bullying, by singing and playing a saxophone over a sound track. The performance brought the stage to life and got a well-deserved ovation. Following the performance, the students encouraged the audience to think about what they can do to tackle stereotypes and the negative impact this can have.

Meadowbrook and Charborough Road Primary School children performed a number of scenarios addressing the language they use and how they treat people. For example, excluding a class mate because they have two mums, wear a head scarf or come from the Chinese community. They paused and then repeated each scenario by behaving and using language, which was inclusive, inquisitive and embracing diversity.

As a first for Southern Brooks, the celebration was part of the Ambassadors’ social media #riseup campaign. The campaign aims to spread the message from the video and song to as many people as possible.

To see their work, and download the free anti-hate crime teaching resources visit:

The entire evening was professional, fun, inspiring and hopeful. We celebrated our young people and the community work achieved at Southern Brooks.

For more information, please contact us, our door is always open.