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Volunteering in the Office


I volunteer with Winsome (who runs the dementia project) and Sally (who is responsible for the communication at Southern Brooks). I have been volunteering with them since October 2018 and have helped out by drafting leaflets to help raise awareness of how businesses can become dementia friendly and to encourage more volunteers. With Sally I’ve undertaken online research to create various guidelines, created contact lists of local and national entities to contact for press releases and helped post on social media.


I got involved because my children are at school - and having been home with them for the last few years, I wanted to learn new skills and build my confidence in an office environment, as things have changed so much in the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed developing my skills and meeting new people, whilst helping the community at the same time.

I’ve had lots of support from colleagues- they are always happy to answer questions or help me find answers. They encourage me and keep in touch by email if they are not in the office. They are providing me with training as well such as data entry training.

I’d really recommend volunteering with Southern Brooks. Whilst everybody will get something different from this, there is plenty of support available and everyone is friendly and willing to help. I’m happy that I have joined the Southern Brooks and it fits in with my family and other commitments. I’ve found it a really positive experience!



I do database entry, photocopying, inputting data for website and excel spreadsheets. Occasionally I support at events. 

Terry Volunteer Administrator 2019

I've been volunteering for a few years now. It gets me out and about. And due to my epilepsy it keeps my mind occupied whilst doing different projects. It's not too far to come to the office or too difficult to find by bus. I do this role because of previous office based admin experience. I haven't been offered permanent work since being made redundant. I found agency work difficult to get and have had some bad experiences with it, so voluntary work is more suitable for me.   

If you're interested in office volunteering you can come and gain experience here.