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Memory Café Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment (1)
Volunteer recruitment (2)
We are looking for lead and artistic volunteers to help make our Memory Café a great place to be!
Our volunteers help ensure that our visitors living with dementia and their carers have a great experience, participating in activities in a safe, understanding, friendly and welcoming environment.

The Retreat Memory Café will meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at: St Stephen's Church Hall, Church Road, Soundwell, Bristol, BS16 4RH.

You will receive full training and support.

If you are interested and can spare one or two mornings each month, speak to Winsome for more information on: 01454 868570 or email: dementia@southernbrooks.org.uk.


Southern Brooks Trustee

The Board of Trustees of Southern Brooks Community Partnerships is recruiting new Trustees to complement the skills of existing Board members at an exciting time of change and growth for the charity.

The Board of Trustees is jointly and severally responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the charity and its financial health, in accordance with its governing document and the legal and regulatory guidelines issued by The Charity Commission. Trustees of Southern Brooks require good communication skills, the ability to think objectively and make sound, independent judgements and the necessary time commitment to participate fully. Previous governance experience would be advantageous, although this is not essential.

The Six Main Duties of a Trustee are:

  • Ensure your charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit.
  • Comply with your charity's governing document and the law.
  • Act in your charity's best interests.
  • Ensure your charity's resources are managed responsibly.
  • Act with reasonable care and skill.
  • Ensure your charity is accountable.

(For more information, see “CC3 - The Essential Trustee” published by Gov.UK)

Normal term of office:

The Trustee appointment is a voluntary role, with an initial term of three years, renewable twice, subject to the terms of the charity’s constitution.

The Board normally meets six times a year and the sub-committees normally meet twice a year.  The meetings generally take 1-2 hours.  There is also an annual Board Strategy Review Day.

Trustees are expected to attend all Board meetings, to put in the necessary time to read papers ahead of these meetings and to participate in telephone/email discussions between meetings, if needed.

Trustees are also expected to join one or two of the five sub-committees of the Board: Finance & Risk Oversight; Community Liaison; Employment & Remuneration; Policies & Governance and Commercial, matching their knowledge, skills, experience and interests, as their time allows.

Out of pocket expenses:

Reasonable expenses can be reimbursed in accordance with charity’s expenses policy.

More information can be found in our Trustee Recruitment Pack 2021

How to Apply: 

Applicants should submit their CV and a covering letter to Rebecca Ecob, HR Manager at rebeccaecob@southernbrooks.org.uk.

For further information about Southern Brooks, see www.southernbrooks.org.uk.

To discuss the role, potential candidates may contact the Chair of the Board, Jules Moore at julesmoore@southernbrooks.org.uk.

Candidates who have been short-listed will be invited for interview shortly thereafter.

SGDAA Steering Group ad (3)
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Patchway Priority Neighbourhood Steering Group Chair

About us.
We’re looking for someone to act as an independent chair for our Patchway Priority Neighbourhood Steering Group.
Patchway is classed as a Priority Neighbourhood (PN) under the Indices of Deprivation measure; one of 5 PNs within South Gloucestershire. Professionals, stakeholders and residents meet together quarterly to share updates on work in the area, problem-solve, connect to help mobilise existing resources and work together to ensure that all
residents have the same opportunities to enjoy a good quality of life.

In consultation with residents, the steering group have created a Community Plan for Patchway that we are currently busy actioning through 4 subgroups that then feedback to the main group.

We are looking for someone to fulfil this role who works within a company or organisation in South Gloucestershire, and if you have any connections with Patchway, then even better.

About you.

  • Be involved in the creation of the agendas for the steering group meetings, working with the Patchway
    community development worker.
  •  Chair the 4 meetings per year that take place in Patchway. This role requires being welcoming to all
    attendees, professionalism, positivity, the ability to listen well and see the big picture; helping us to join up the dots and make connections that lead to more productive working.
  • Reading the minutes of the meetings and agreeing them ahead of them being sent out the attendees.
  • Make this role their own. We hope it’s something that you really enjoy. There would be the opportunity to go deeper into this role, potentially visiting some of the partners but this is optional depending on the chair’s capacity.

If this sounds like something you would be keen to get involved in then please contact us via Email: volunteeringpfs@southernbrooks.org.uk

Positive State of Mind - Peer Support

Children and Young People Volunteer Roles


About us. We run a thriving youth programme with regular weekly sessions for both Juniors and Seniors. We're currently looking for enthusiastic and engaging people to help with our evening sessions in Patchway. All sorts of activities run each week, including gardening, cooking, sports and arts.

About you. You love working with children and young people, and want to work in an informal setting, (not in school). You are empathetic and can relate well to children. You might have other interests and skills that you'd like to share at a youth session, a particular sport or maybe you make an excellent pancake!

Assistant-Youth-Worker-Volunteer-Role-Description October 2021

Youth Clubs
Volunteering Opportunities in Bristol

Are you looking for volunteering opportunities in Bristol and South Gloucestershire?

Volunteers make the difference from getting a great project up and running, to making it grow wings and fly. Through sharing their time and energy, our volunteers change people's lives in Bristol and South Gloucestershire communities.

There are plenty of different opportunities which regularly come up, so have a browse and if nothing grabs your interest at the moment pop back in a couple of weeks.

Need help deciding 

Contact your local volunteer centre to have a conversation with one of the co-ordinators about what you're looking for.

If you're not sure about what volunteer role you'd like to do try this quiz. It takes under 5 minutes and might help you decide what roles would suit you best.  https://icould.com/buzz/

Apply online for a volunteer role

Volunteer Centres in South Gloucestershire

There are lots of volunteer opportunities at local charities and organisations. Our local Volunteer Centres based at Kingswood, Patchway and Yate have friendly Volunteer Co-ordinators who will help find the best opportunities to suit you.

They are very happy to have a chat with you to help find the perfect role for you.

Patchway, Filton and The Stokes Volunteer Centre

Email to speak with the Volunteer Centre Coordinator


Kingswood Volunteer Centre

Call or email to speak with the Volunteer Centre Coordinator


07969 189485


Yate Volunteer Centre

Call or email to speak with the Volunteer Centre Coordinator


07890 569196

Thornbury Volunteer Centre

If you would like to volunteer in Thornbury and the surrounding area please contact Thornbury Volunteer Centre:


Brooks Supporter

Brooks Supporter

We regularly support families in crisis who cannot always provide everything their family needs. Many lack the support of family and friends. The stress of their situation can lead to chaotic lifestyle choices and ill-health making it impossible for families to break the cycle of difficulty.

A Brooks Supporter does not have contact with the family but helps by donating much needed resources; from toys, nappies, furniture or clothing, pre-loved bikes and toys, to spare kitchen equipment. 

This is a way of contributing to your local community and making a difference if you don't have time to dedicate to regular volunteering.

Please fill in the form below if you'd like to volunteer for one of these roles. If you'd rather talk about your options or would rather speak to someone over the phone, please call Jenny or Catherine on 01454 868570.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form
The right to volunteer can be dependent on your citizenship and UK immigration status so please make sure that you are allowed to volunteer on your visa. If in doubt please contact the UK Border Agency (www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk) for advice.